How to solve device pair or disconnect problem? Change system frequency.

2019-11-20 17:19:16

Can't pair Sbox-SR or Stank, the icons are always flashing. How to do?

There might be WiFi interference at your place. Please switch off your WiFi routers and try to pair them again. Most of the time this method can work.

When the devices are paired successfully, you can change the system frequency to avoid WiFi interference.

1. Enter Settings > Image and sound;


2. Scroll down to Device pairing [DONNOT CHOOSE]> Hold the MENU button settings-icon.png on Remote control for 3-5 sec until the display shows the frequency interface. 


3. Choose one of the frequencies and confirm.



Now the system is with a new frequency. You can switch on the WiFi routers again.

Notes: If you want to pair again or add more devices, you must enter this interface and reset to default frequency by choosing RESTORE DEFAULT FREQUENCY.