How to save a bricked Sbar? Flash img file.

2021-05-27 15:03:28

What to do if Sbar turns a brick?

Wrong upgrade operation might cause a Sbar to turn a brick, and only re-installing firmware can save it.

Steps of Flash img file via USB drive:

1. Download img file to computer;

img file example.png

Notes: To avoid misoperation, the link for downloading img will be provided upon request. Please write an email to with your model name and serial number(can be found on the product label).

2. Copy install.img to the root directory of a USB drive (USB drive must be FAT32 format), make sure file name is install.img, if not, rename it to that;

3. Insert USB drive to USB2.0 port on Sbar;

img upgrading3.jpg

4. Unplug Sbar power cable;

img upgrading1.jpg

5. Press and hold the VOLUME - button on the side of the Sbar, and then plug in the power cable of the Sbar;

img upgrading2.jpg

6. When the screen shows the upgrade progress window "Starting installing...**%", you can release the volume - button.

img upgrading window.jpg

Notes: Make sure Sbar keeps powered ON when installing, otherwise it will become bricked.