How to install apps on Sbar?

2019-08-16 14:33:03

Install apps on Sbar

Starloop OS has pre-installed AptoideTV app store, from which you can directly search and install apps easily. You can also install from .apk files in your USB drive. 

Note: If you delete AptoideTV or the OS doesn't have it, you can download and install via USB drives from Support page: Home>Support>Download or websites below:

Get started

From AptoideTV

Open AptoideTV app on Sbar, and search the app you want. There will be indications whether the app is TV-optimized, suitable for large-screen/tv display and/or mouse-requested.


From USB drive

OS will display the folders of the USB drive when it's plugged in. Choose and install. Or you can press the "Folder" button on the remote control, and look for the file in your USB drive.