SLSE - Starloop Sound Ecology

endeavors on Acoustics, Transmission, Control and Intelligence, and suits different scenes in a variety of combinations.

Starloop TV OS
Based on Android, STVOS supports local file playing, and abundant online media resources, providing tremendous possibility of experience you can imagine.
Starloop TV Player
Specially developed for STVOS, this professional player supports full-decoding 4K Blu-ray audio/video formats. Support NAS content play in LAN. Online subtitle search engine integrated.
Starloop App
App to control content and pairing operation. (Available only in specific country/region)
Smart Audio OS
Voice control OS based on Android. (Available only in specific country/region)
Smart Whole
House Audio Control
Perform linkage operations in the corresponding area of smart products. (Available only in specific country/region)
Smart Content
Optimize contents in displaying pages. (Available only in specific country/region)
Smart Content
Personality preferences, and more precise content recommending based on voiceprint recognition and account operation habits. (Available only in specific country/region)
Audio Wireless &
Lossless Transmission
AWLT solves network delay, packet loss, interference and low transmission power of the traditional way through the built-in 8-channel wireless network transmission architecture. Comparable to the sound quality of multi-channel wired transmission.
Stereo Separation Wireless &
Lossless Transmission
Separate stereo by DSP, and the right channel is subjected to ultra-low delay, wireless, lossless (24 bit/96 kHz) transmission, enhancing stereo separation level to restore the real stereo sound field.
Sound Source
Manage multiple sound sources grouped through WiFi by Starloop SAPP. Starloop smart devices can be divided into different groups to play different sound sources, and can also play the same source at the same time.
All Digital Signal
All-digital signal transmission among the player, decoder, and multi-channel power amplifier, reduces interference, delay, and transmission loss caused by digital-to-analog conversion, achieving the highest level of sound quality restoration.
Smart Sound Field
An algorithm to intelligently adjust surround and subwoofer sound fields according to different combinations when combining Starloop super soundbar, Bluetooth speakers and subwoofer into 2.0/2.1, 3.1, 5.1, 7.1.
Smart Sound Field
The system automatically recognizes the audio-visual environment and measure acoustics in the room and calibrate. Adjust the played audio signal through microphone auto-detection, to compensate for the defects of the room and achieve the best sound quality.
Smart Karaoke
Adjust the sound field and reverberation algorithm intelligently according to the different combinations of Starloop smart speakers, so as to release a better surround sound effect, reflecting the live concert effect.
More Surround
Convert stereo to 5.1/7.1 surround sound field.