Wireless Cinema

A Highly Integrated System of Soundbar,4K Media Player, Receiver, OTT, Karaoke Machine, Game Console, etc.

Wireless Hi-Fi Stereo

Wireless Hi-Fi Stereo System with less than 0.001s delay. Stream your music simply via Bluetooth or through AUX.

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Users’ Stories
  • swing

    I tried at the shop and found this is what I was looking for. Beautiful look and perfect sound, nearly flawless. What impressed me most is the high-integration of Blu-ray player, KTV effects, and network TV boxes, saving a lot. It is really good.

  • Slim shape but big sound! Good sound quality n built-in battery lasts long. Left my Sbox at parents’ place, so I bought a new one. Intended to try the pure surround Sbox-SR, but chose the Sbox again in consideration of portability. Can’t wait to visit my parents next time n form 2.0 to enjoy stereo.

    Ricco K.

  • Veteran_lr

    As an audiophile, I built my own 5.1 home cinema 6 years ago, a wired one. Since I moved to another city early this year I had to find a new system as I couldn't take that the old/bulky one with me. Years’ experience taught me to “say No” to wiring, extra media player, extra amplifier, nor bad sound quality. ...

  • ...also my advice to people who plan to build their own home cinema and don’t want to be messed up by different cords/ cables/ remote controls in the end. Starloop had it all n met all my requirements perfectly: true wireless, integrated player/amplifier, easy to install n use, and most importantly, good sound quality.


  • chasin'oublié

    Finally had my own 5.1 home cinema. Satisfied by the beautiful exterior look especially when the floor stands were assembled. Easy connection of HDMI and power cables. Pairing also easy, just follow the steps on screen or user manual. Then I was totally enchanted by the immersive 5.1 surround sound effect.

  • I like the 2.0-to-5.1 switch coz it helped a lot when watching online streaming media (if not 5.1). Also tried the Karaoke function as I bought a pair of wireless mics and it was so popular when we held my daughter’s birthday party and children sang nearly all evening.


  • Victor Seben

    Set up 5.1 Max last Sat w/ help of manual n just took a short while, kinda easy. Played movies from PC via NAS n 5.1 effect awesome: vocals from Center - good, Subwoofer w/ strong bass, SRs bringin' immersive surround feeling. The looks n size totally refreshed my opinion on home cinema devices. Worth buyin'.

  • Have been looking for home cinema for a long time and visited many big brands’ stores. After comparing Virtual Surround Sound and True Surround Sound, I chose the latter. With many functions, Starloop is true surround sound and doesn't need wiring (I hate cables messing in the room), with competitive price.