Starloop received favorable comments at CIT2019

2019-08-15 15:50:25

Starloop received favorable comments at CIT2019 

The 9th CIT(China Video and Audio Integration Technology Expo) was officially closed at the Beijing National Convention Center on June 23. More than 70 exhibitors participated this time, and have received tens of thousands of dealers and audio enthusiasts, showing the popularity and prosperity of this event.


At the three-day CIT Expo, Starloop was visited by more than 600 dealers, 286 of which held strong intentions for future cooperation. On the very first day of the exhibition, the 4 product sets for exhibiting were pre-ordered by the exhibition visitors. “When you visit the entire exhibition hall, you can find that the sound quality of Starloop Cinema is good and the price is not high. Spend no big money and you can have a whole set of equipment to enjoy TV/movies, and Karaoke.” said a 70-year-old audio enthusiast from Beijing who even brought cash to the event to buy the exhibiting sample.


With 15 patented technologies, Starloop has fulfilled a new wireless intelligent home theater system and created a unique “SLSE” to achieve the purest sound experience for the users. In the complicated wireless signal environment of CIT this time, the Starloop Smart Wireless Home Theater maintains true wireless lossless transmission throughout the entire process, and there is no playback accident caused by signal interference, showing Starloop wireless transmission solution did a great job and could be the best.